Defining the Waldmet Style

Like most creative endeavors, a winemaker’s style is heavily influenced by other winemakers and adjacent craftspeople (brewers, distillers, mixologists, etc.). Becoming a true expert in the field requires many years of concerted effort and practice, then putting your own spin on it. Somewhere along the line you will reach a bit too far away from the familiar, which can result in an inaccessible and failed attempt to be different.

After 12+ years of making mead, hard cider, and wine...I’m finally starting to find my own style. My efforts started by just making recipes that I found online. After a few successful batches, I began to experiment with all kinds of things. This exploration provided many useful insights but also resulted in more than a few failures. So I dove deeply into the processes of modern professional winemakers, historical traditions and methods, the underlying chemistry, and many other related topics. Slowly infusing my natural intuition and creativity with experience and analysis.

On one hand, I research and respect historical methods. But on the other, I’m adding modern twists and pushing the limits of ingredients and flavor combinations. Essentially translating history into a present day vernacular with a heavy influence from today’s cocktail culture.

The Waldmet Style starts with the best ingredients that nature has to offer and combines them in such a way to create imbibable products that develop memorably during their journey across your palate...beginning, middle (mid-palate) and end (finish). There’s no need to be a wine expert to appreciate the flavors as the experience is intuitive and hard-wired into our senses.

Our style will continue to evolve over time as we refine our products and find new inspirations along the way. Come join us on this journey and we’ll keep your glass filled with the finest quaffable offerings around. Cheers!

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