Kupfer Klub "Copper Club"

Most of you are likely familiar with copper mugs due to their connection to the Moscow Mule cocktail invented in 1941. However, copper has been used for thousands of years as a drinking vessel. Just as mead is likely the world's oldest alcoholic drink, copper is likely the first metal put to use by humans. Not only occurring as ores that can be converted into metal but as actual metal in the ground as well, combined with its malleability meant that copper could easily be shaped with rudimentary tools.

The history of copper drinking vessels, combined with the fact that they look pretty cool, are why we chose copper mugs for our mead club. As a member of the Kupfer Klub "Copper Club" you will receive your own copper mug engraved with the Waldmet Cellars logo. But what else do you get besides the mug?

First, there are 2 flavors of mead club to choose from. In Person or At Home. They both cost $200/year to join, but they have different rewards to enjoy.

In Person

  • $200/year
  • Your own copper mug that hangs on the taproom wall
  • 1 free session mead pour every time you visit
  • 10% off your purchases
  • Early access to new releases

At Home

  • $200/year
  • Your own copper mug delivered to your home
  • 10% off your purchases
  • Shipping discounts
  • Early access to new releases

You can sign up for the In Person Club the next time you stop by the taproom. Signup for the At Home Club will be available via our VinoShipper store soon.

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