The Farm at Waldmet Cellars

Our farm is located an hour north of Atlanta, GA in Jasper. It is dedicated to the mission of creating a well-balanced ecosystem and rich soils that produce nutrient-dense foods (and drinks), while treating the environment and the animals with respect. Our primary goal is to establish heavily-producing, mixed orchard & vineyard systems, that are easy to manage and require minimal off-farm inputs.

We purchased the land in January 2018. Since then, we've built a small home on the property and a few outbuildings. We’ve also been busy establishing a prototype orchard, nursery for growing out plants, and clearing a couple acres to get fencing up and goats browsing to help clear more land.

The orchard will be a diversified orchard that focuses on the production of cider apple varieties. Multiple different fruit crops will also be interplanted with the apple trees for use in our wines and other value-added products.

The vineyard will be quite diverse itself with a focus on disease-resistant wine grape varieties. One feature of our property is an easterly facing hill with fairly rocky soil. We feel that it would make the perfect place to site the vineyard. In many regions, easterly facings are preferred because they receive more gentle morning sun, which quickly dries dew and rain, preventing rot and mold. This would be rather beneficial for our region.

Our approach will take several years to unfold, but we will be helping to create progressively better conditions for optimal fruit yield, taste, and nutrition even before the plants are placed into the ground. This should result in stronger and healthier plants, needing fewer interventions to produce quality fruit (and wine).

Off the farm, we hope to open up our pilot production facility and tasting room at 916 Old Philadelphia Rd in Jasper in July. The opening date will be announced shortly after we receive our final licensing from the state. As we're establishing the orchard and vineyard, this pilot facility will be used to share a wide variety of our products for you to enjoy. Eventually, the production facility and tasting room will be moved onto the farm.

Hope you enjoyed this quick overview. We will certainly be sharing more as our plans come to life.

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